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Track Rules

Safety First - We want you to have a fun yet safe driving experience.  Here are our track rules, they are designed to ensure everyone has a fun, safe experience with respect to all drivers and our facility.

  • No bumping, cutting off or reckless driving
  • No driving on the grass
  • All hair shoulder length or longer MUST be securely tied up 
  • You must stop after each lap and give the attendant your next ticket
Infractions of the above rules will result in loss of lap(s) with NO MONEY REFUND


You are in complete control of your go-kart when you drive at Wasaga 500. We want you to enjoy a new experience with every lap you drive. Our 50 go-carts are Canadian made and powered by Honda motors. We have single seater Wildcat go-karts and double seater Jaguar go-karts. We have 2 licensed TSSA Mechanics on staff.

Safety First - We want you to have a fun yet safe driving experience!

Field Attendants and Remote Control Safety Features 

We ensure that unsafe drivers are monitored and stopped if they pose any problems on the track. Each go-kart is equipped with a remote safety system control device. Our trained field monitors keep an eye out for any drivers who are driving too aggressively. The field attendant simply relays the go-kart identification number to the office and that go-kart is slowed and stopped. Drivers may be given a warning or be immediately removed from the track.

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